Codubix® Orbital Wall 3D prosthesis

Anatomical, three-dimensional implant of mid-facial bone defects is intended for reconstruction of orbital wall fractures (zygomaticomaxillary-orbital fractures, isolated fractures of orbital floor)caused by mid-facial skull bone fractures resulting from trauma or other causes.

The Codubix® Orbital Wall 3D grafts are manufactured with knitting technique out of polypropylene yarn which is characterized by low specific weight and easy shaping and forming which enable giving the implant its adequate rigidness and hardness. High resistance, low specific weight, hydrophobicity contributing to lack of physiologic liquids absorption, non-toxicity, and chemical inactivity make Codubix® Orbital Wall 3D easy to identify with natural orbital wall bone in terms of physical properties. Codubix® Orbital Wall 3D grafts can be easily modelled during the implantation and allow for diagnostics without artifacts.