The first fully-mechanical textile factory in Poland was created in Łódź back in 1839. 120 years later in its vicinity the Medical Articles Laboratory was established and it gave rise to today’s TRICOMED SA.


TRICOMED SA was established in 1959. The results of over 50 years of activity are tens of original Polish medical products out of which many are and were protected by patents: ophthalmic tapes, ophthalmic implants, synthetic skin, filtration yarn, haemorrhoidal rubber bands, vascular patches, zippers for multiple laparotomies, cervical collars, cruciate ligaments, replacement abdominal integuments for newborns with gastroschisis.


TRICOMED SA is a Polish company with more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing medical devices. At present, it is a joint-stock company within the structures of TZMO SA Capital Group.  




Our wide product range encompasses medical implants, specialised wound dressings and compression garments for scar rehabilitation.


In 2009 TRICOMED SA obtained the status of a Research and Development Centre. All the products manufactured by our company have a CE safety mark and their production process is carried out in accordance with the ISO 13485 Quality Management System.


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