Silogel now available in the online medical store

Silogel, the gel for skin care after scars is a new product in TRICOMED SA’ s portfolio. Product was designed for patients with afterburn and postoperative scars. Based on the product’s properties may be used as a complement to therapy with Codopress compression products and independently.

Due to the product’s gel formula, Silogel is easily absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch. By creating a film on the surface of the skin, it protects the skin’s surface against the external environment, providing optimal conditions for the regeneration of the epidermis.

Where to buy Silogel?

Silogel is available in official Codopress measuring points, located all over Poland. The product is eagerly chosen by patients visiting our Codopress point in Łódź, located at the headquarters of TRICOMED SA. The sale is carried out on-site sale or via mail order.

With the beginning of the current month the product is available also via which is an official online medical store for TRICOEMD SA products. Both the online store and the associated account on allow you to easily purchase the product with a few clicks.