TRICOMED SA provides the following services in terms of carrying out tests of medical, hygienic, cosmetic, and textile products etc., their raw materials and packing systems:

  • accelerated ageing tests – carried out in acc. with ASTM 1980-07 norm in Memmert’s HPP 749 climate chamber (test space dimensions: 104 x 120 x 60 cm, test temperatue range: 5 ÷ 70°C, test humidity range: 10 ÷ 90 %),
  • chemical tests – among others, pH, permanganate oxidability, UV absorbance, ion content, extraction in organic solvents and in water – carried out in acc. with Polish and European norms,
  • physical tests – among others, endurance tests, elasticity, adhesion strength, device’s ability to adjust, linear and surface mass, dimensions – carried out in acc. with Polish and European norms.

In order to learn more or in case of doubts please contact the Quality Control Department: +48 42 689 65 34.

TRICOMED SA offers for sale demineralised water. The water is clean from microbiological, chemical and mechanical contamination. We also carry out air dust contamination clean class tests in a given room. The test is carried out with Met One HHPC2+ particle counter and in acc. with the procedure specified in PN-EN 14644-1 norm. 

Detailed information available at +48 723 185 850 or  +48 42 689-65-27.